Thursday, April 10, 2014

DCSI free Destorted Soundset for Alchemy, CLDM free Mac version, V-Koder featured on Beat Magazine!

Hi music makers from around the world!

To begin I quickly want to mention that recently with my great surprise I found my V-Koder vst has been featured in the German music magazine BEAT n.100!

Great :) isn't it? Thanks guys, much appreciated!
Obviously it made me happy and give me good energy to keep working hard!
- - - - -

Then I've been asked few hours ago if there's any Mac Vst version of Combat Loop Drum Machine and as I missed to do it when I released the other versions months ago here I'm coming to fix that.
So if you're Mac users you can now grab CLDM vst for free as well ;)

CDLM VST Mac version download link
size about 29 mb - pdf manual included

- - - - -
About a year ago I had the chance to dig the full version of Alchemy synth by Camel Audio and having fun with it I designed about 12 patches named DESTORTED SOUNDSET.
Recently I had again the time to work them a bit and I though it would be nice to give away them for free.
Some are pretty weird, others more common. Through the remixpad you'll find lots of variations.
Here they are, for the Alchemy users out there (full version required).

size about 9 mb - readme txt included

Hope my sound design will find its good place in your productions and giving you some fun.

- - - - -

Last but not least as you can see around here there are some links to third party audio software, vst instruments and effects which I consider really good and will speak about it, with time, in my newsletters which are still under productions.
If in the meantime you want to dig them just click on the respective images and it will lead you to their websites.
Many of them are already known by the most of you, anyway they have demo or limited versions available for free to let you test them. Check'em if you want.

- - - - -
Stay tune as I'll be back with more DCSI original sounds and productions coming soon.
Feel free always to subscribe to my newsletter over here or join me on Facebook as well,
as you can see I'm not spamming you but only getting in touch when is worthy ;)
Keep jamming and be well.
Cheers and thanks!

Diego - DCSI

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ROBOSWOP - new DCSI audio demo for Enzyme vst synth

Here's another short demo track "ROBOSWOP" I produced for the great and innovative ENZIME synth by Humanoid Sound System

ROBOSWOP by Diego Callegari

This track was done in few hours using Enzyme only, 2 third party drum loops and some multiband compression on the master track. No additional EQs or FX.
For more info and other demo tracks please visit this page of DCSI blog.

I'll be back soon with new music and computer music freebies. Take care!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

BADASS - a new free Kontakt instrument by DCSI !

Hey, finally came in a new bro in the DCSI family:

(free Kontakt instrument)
Badass in an original DCSI sampled instrument with some effects and play mode options available to tune it on to follow the right wave of your music production ;)
Old school bass synth with dirty flavours added by using the modwheel and more settings available on the gui.

Please lead to our VST and KONTAKT Instrument section for more info and download links.
I hope you're going to enjoy it!
Thanks for visiting us once again!
Talk soon

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 2nd free DCSI CLOSET LOOPS pack!

What's up? As promised here it comes the 2nd volume of the DCSI CLOSET LOOPS, free to download and use!

As the former, this last one brings you 60 sounds for glitch, ambient and electronic music, with some extra glitched guitars and bells samples too, besides noises, synths and some rhythmic textures.

Hope are going to be useful and you're welcome to keep me posted if used in your productions.
Have fun!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hi folks, here we go once again!

This time making available for free the first introductory DCSI sample pack


experimental sounds for glitch, ambient and electronic music.

Thanks and have fun!


Monday, February 3, 2014

IMAGE LINE products DISCOUNTS powered by DCSI

DCSI this time is glad to announce a little commercial offer that may please you!
If you're looking for Image-Line products such as:
Fruity Loop Studio, Fruity Loop Mobile, Deckadance v2, Harmor vst, Poizone vst, Slicex vst, Directwave vst, Vocodex vst, and many other synths and effects, Edison editor, many IL Sample and Loop packs, IL synth patches and much more...
as affiliated of Image-Line we can offer you a very GOOD DISCOUNT through the use of our link:

If you're interested have a look to the many offers 
and if you're find what you're looking for GRAB THE DEAL !

Wishing you a very good time, see you soon with more good stuff coming on your way!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Short demo for Rave, an incoming vst by Softrave

strangely the dev after more than one year has still not done any public release of this vst,
I think it's an abandon project...

This is a short and quick demo track I did in few hours for RAVE vst, an incoming synth vst by Softrave.
All internal sounds. Added 1 drum loop, some reverb, delay, filter and light compression.

Rave vst is under development, links and more info from its developer will follow as soon as read.

For more info and other demo tracks please visit this page of DCSI blog.
Stay tuned ;)
Wishing you a nice day!
Diego - DCSI

Saturday, January 25, 2014

V-KODER another DCSI free Kontakt and vst instrument !

Here we go!
In our series of original DCSI freebies a newborn came to meet us :)
Is available as a Kontakt instrument, a PC vst 32 bit and 64 bit too.
The Kontakt and the pc vst versions are slightly different so you can download for free all of them ;)!


kontakt gui version



pc vst gui

Go to the VST and KONTAKT Instrument section of this web for more info and download links.

Enjoy it!

COMBAT LOOP DRUM MACHINE - free vst 32 and 64 bit versions

Hi buddies!
Thinking about not all of us are owning or using Kontakt, even in the free player version,
I prepared the PC Vst fellow of the


vst version gui

It's available both in 32 and 64 bit.
So please lead to the VST and KONTAKT Instrument section of this web for more info and download link. the's free ;) !

Thursday, January 16, 2014

COMBAT LOOP DRUM MACHINE - free kontakt instrument

Hi folks!.
I'm finally happy to bring you one of the first DCSI freebies of a series:

a new original Kontakt instrument useful for drum sequencing.

For further info and download please visit to the VST and KONTAKT Instrument section of this web.

I hope you're going to enjoy it!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

DCSI newsletter n.001/2013 OUT NOW

Many little things to set up and get ready but finally here it is:

out now - free download - pdf file

5 original DCSI presets for TAL U-NO-LX V2  included
(download link inside)
Check it out!
My little contribution to the musician community spread all around the globe ;)
The contents are in English and Italian.

I hope you like it, and the 5 DCSI presets for the TAL UNO LX as well.
I am already working on the next issue and on other freebies too.
It's a free project that I will surely improve with time,
but if you want to give a little contribution every donation is really welcome.
Feel free to leave your comments or get in touch.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hi guys!
A little break for a  reallocation and setting up my stuff back in the new studio, but I have some nice news:
Coming soon many new reviews of great virtual instruments and effects!!
And that's not all, are on their way some audio freebies  and strange field recordings as well.

All for free download !!!
The reviews will be released here as a post in a new REVIEWS section, with related posts in some facebook pages and audio websites and forum as well, and released as a free downloadable pdf in English and Italain languages, to allow you to save, read and use it even offline.

(you can find the form here on the upper right of the page)

In the meantime I'll keep working on my music production, setting up material for future sound design projects, and some photography in the spare time.

By now you can find a list of links about many audio software, websites, favourite musicians and bands over here

All will be available under this Creative Common License:

I hope you will enjoy it! Wishing you all the best!
Stay tuned. D.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Frog Walk by Rotobam (a new short pop-synth simple tune for a special contest)

I've produced and submitted a short track to a competition: "Frog Walk", under the project name ROTOBAM.
 This was on the wonderful Kvr audio website (a great place full of resources for music composers and sound designers)
I guess may vote just who take part in it, but anyway you can listen and donwload it for free.
The challenge was to do a piece of music using only one vst synth and nothing else

(no loops, no other instruments, real or virtual, so no drums, no voices, no samples, just the given vst itself) The nice free vst synth we had all to use was Podolski by U-he.
As I entered the competition in the really latest moment, I had only 6 hours
to do it (not much indeed)
so thinking about it here is the result.

It's a kinda simple pop-synth 80's/90's experiment.
I used
DAW: Reaper x64
Podolski Vst: 18 instances
Effects: only the C3 multiband compressor free on the master track and nothing else (no eq, no reverb,no other compressors)
Hope you like it and if so feel free to download it and share it

Speak soon with other news.
Take care. D.

Glitch2 & Effectrix: my new articles on the free italian computer music online magazine

Hi, once again ready for the free download you can find here the new AUDIO VIDEO MUSIC pdf online magazine, with my Glitch 2 and Effectrix new vst reviews, multi effects sequencer based, useful for lots of creative editing on your musical tracks.

As always, I hope it will be useful to some, and giving some inspiration to try new editing techniques on your next music productions!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Audio walk recordings, new sound design experiment, new photography album & next vst review done!

Some quick updates:

  • I recently had a walk around Warsaw city, here in Poland, recording some new audio material.With the needed time part of it will come useful for one of my incoming vsti and/or audio libraries I am working on and for some new music tracks too.
  • The sound design experiment with a can and other stuff is under construction and I'll update here as soon as ready.

  • In the meantime here we go with a bunch of pictures done last year and  finally edited and uploaded on Facebook as usual.A kinda study about stones, cucumbers, a nutshell and a plastic bottle of water. I hope you may enjoy some of them.

For any info feel free to get in touch.
Speak soon with more.