Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DCSI is moving. Last post from this old website. Please join me on new DCSI address!

Just a last post from this page as from now on the new blog link is

DCSI productions is moving there and no other posts will be done here.
This page will keep existing as reference for those still reaching here following old links from various websites back to 2013-2014.

You will still be able to download all the DCSI presets, vst, samples and instruments from the new web on a dedicate page.

Thanks to all of you who spent some time visiting here and please feel free to join me on the new website and the new newsletter over there as well
You can now unsubscribe from this old one after receiving/reading this last one.

Many news and much more regular computer music related releases and photography posts will follow on http://dcsiproductions.blogspot.com/

I hope to see you all over there.
Thanks a lot.
Bests Regards

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HI folks!
here we go:
some tshirts ready on sale and soon some prints coming too:
the first
the second
and don't forget to check sometimes my redbubble page for new artworks and other t-shirts added in the near future days ;-)

have a nice day and thanks!